Warm Stone Massage

The Warm Stones Massage I offer is experiential and luxurious rather than therapeutic. Due to the subjective nature of the effect on the body. Like Aromatherapy, Warm Stones give a sense of well being and easeful-ness to the body. Being in a relaxed body-mind outside of routine can be a deeply rejuvenating and even spiritual experience.

The smooth stones are warmed just enough to bring soothing heat to the muscles. They are held in the practitioner’s hand while massaging the client all over the body, or some prefer a simple neck and shoulders or foot massage with the stones.

Warm stones or if prefered crystals are laid along the middle of the back placed at each chakra inviting balance and again a sense of well being. Turning over the stones can be placed on the forehead, shoulders,  chest area. In this process the client and practitioner collaborate. Often combined with Aromatherapy a certain scent can be added to the water that heats the stones.

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