Spa Treatments

Spa Treatments can use or  combine Aromatherapy, Herbal Wraps, Facials and Foot Massage

After selecting the essential oils the client wishes for the wrap they are heated in water. Luxurious terry cloth is saturated with the scents and laid on a specially prepared the massage table. The receiver is  wrapped in a repose of warm sensual scented delight. Only the head is exposed and the forehead can be cooled if needed as the wrap is quite warm. Privacy is given to relax and enjoy the scented hydrotherapeutic experience.

The herbal wrap is done in a similar fashion as above, except that an herbal combination is used to infuse the hot water. Choose from uplifting, invigorating, relaxing or sensual, aromas.

Facials can combine aromatherapy or herbal wraps or be of an exotic variety which include honey, chocolate, or blended strawberry/raspberry facials. Great for a delightful experience of rejuvenation, freshness. Cucumbers are lavished on the eyes to make them look younger and refreshed.

Combine this with facial massage, lotions or oils to perk up a face and bring a new glow to the skin. Add in reflexology foot massage and aromatherapy or herbal foot bath. It’s so soothing.

Reflexology is used more in Europe. They understand that a foot massage will bring ease to the entire body.

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