Myofascial Release

Why will insurance pay for Myofascial Release?  It’s a very effective bodywork system for releasing stuck fascia from injuries, both new and old. When scar tissue grows around injuries, surgeries,  or tension that has been habituated it that leads to muscles feeling “hard as a rock.”  Myofascial Release softens scar tissue.
I was trained by Mr. John Barnes PT (picture in video below) who developed this method and owns two clinics. One in Pennsylvania, and the other in Arizona.

Myofascial Release is a kind of pressure stretching. It works great for all types of repetitive motion  body aggravation such as hammering or the dreaded “mouse shoulder” the bane of many computer users.

Myofascial Unwinding,  introduces a cranial sacral style light touch along with the unwinding that allows the fascia of the body to be disentangled as a flowing response.By holding a part like the head, or arm and taking the gravity out and simply allowing the motion to unwind however the body directs. It’s rather like being a dance partner with the clients body being the lead. By allowing the body to move spontaneously the tension releases. Both extremely effective and usually painless this method has helped many of my clients .

An effective treatment for Fibromyalgia, where the muscles have lost the ability to release lactic acid. Myofascial Release can be done very gently and bring great relief to the muscles as they release release toxins that builds up. This does NOT require more exertion from the muscles thereby creating more toxin.

For the reasons stated above Myofascial Release helps with auto-immune disorders.

Here is a video by John F. Barnes – Physical Therapist

He is the developer of the technique.

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