Mission Statment


Sharon Schlotthauer

As a Massage Therapist I want to bring the most relief and relaxation possible to as many people as I can. Let’s break the cycle of pain before it becomes habituated. Moving towards as much ease as possible.

In busy times of great change the more a body can relax in the midst of creative innovations the more possible it will be to remain healthy and adapt to never before encountered circumstances.

We have more access to clarity when we’re not over-stressed. The variety of bodywork that I offer can and does address individual needs for relief from pain, stress, over active mind,  anxiety and depression.  

Come enjoy a time out, a little getaway, time to rest, rejuvenate, to let nervous system do its repair work while you receive a massage, some bodywork, a spa treatment or all three.

I strive to relieve anxiety, stress and thereby invite relaxation. 

1 Response to Mission Statment

  1. Penny says:

    Great start Sharon. I hope this will bring you mucho customers.

    Love you.


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