Massage and Meditation

Mental habits can generate fear, anger, and other kinds of anxiety. We have all experienced strong emotion and its effect on the body including muscle tightness, and uptight attitude. These emotions are sometimes mistaken for facts when they are really only thoughts about facts assuming they actually refer to anything outside the mind at all. These patterns can create chronic mental  states of depression and anxiety.

Massage relieves stress and you receive something wonderful from another person when they really care. The benefits  of easing tension due to overexertion, or even thinking, are many.

Hands ShoulderBodywork helps relieve self-generated angst and  even give the receiver a glimpse into meditation.  Trying to relax is a paradox.  A massage requires no effort and the mind slows down just as in meditation. It’s a real help to those who have difficulty attempting to quiet the mind in other ways.  A few quiet moments are within reach of the individual, to receive a  reprieve through regular massage.

I’m grateful I get to help others and approach peacefulness through the body.

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