Lomi Lomi

Lomi Lomi is Hawaiian Massage using strokes named after trees or birds, or places around the islands, including the sea and even different moods. An example is – rolling out the fish – a movement from the base of the back up to the shoulders using the forearms in a horizontal motion.

Lomi Lomi like the hula is done while the practitioner is moving as in a dance. Being a Hawaiian it’s a love offering from the heart. It was originally for the Kajunas or Royalty. Everyone can enjoy this most gentle relaxing massage.

Beneficial for stress reduction the body simply takes in nurturing touch. Circulation is improved, rest becomes more possible giving the immune system a boost.

Lomi Lomi can also be done by two practitioners who then turn the client over so that the client need not even move!

A delicious specialty massage, Lomi Lomi is done as Hawaiian music plays, the practitioner moves gently in hula while doing various massage movements to bring a feeling of relaxing peace and love. Check out the video for a good idea.

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