Emotions and Bodywork

  We as humans can experience emotion in response to actual events or as a result of thoughts in our mind. The distinction between these sources of emotion of could not be more important. We can produce fear conceiving dreadful possibilities that will never happen. Consider the disappointment of our actual life being something other how it’s “supposed to be”  as if anything that happens in our life other than that ideal is inferior to the ideal. Rarely will the events of life be truly similar what we imagined.

How many of us have, while alone, imagined a fight with our beloved to find ourselves truly angry as a result. As in sleep we dream and observe emotion following dream thoughts. We can feel the whole spectrum of feeling but we see in the morning none of those things really happened. This can happen in our waking life too. One difference to be noted; the input from our senses can become props in an emotional narrative. Like the imagined struggle with someone we really care about.

Body work can give a reprieve from feelings that bring on tension regardless of whether such feelings are a result of actual events or thoughts about actual life or even about fictional events.

Bodywork involves emotional release as well as muscular tension release. Frequently memories arise with the experience of touch allowing emotions to be consciously as opposed to habitually or automatically experienced. This can break a cycle of unconscious reactivity concerning such feelings.

Letting go of unneeded mental and emotional habits helps an individual have more attention on the actual events of life.  The routines of thinking need not hold anyone in bondage to the past or the thoughts about the past.

What is going on now is more important than what happened in the past and it is far more important than anything that never happened.

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