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Sharon’s New Website SelfHonesty.Net

I have a new website dedicated to the Self Honesty groups I’m coordinating. Have a look at the blog. Are We Just Following the Dots? I’ve heard this  ‘think outside the box’ quote for quite some time.  What box are … Continue reading

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Massage and Meditation

Mental habits can generate fear, anger, and other kinds of anxiety. We have all experienced strong emotion and its effect on the body including muscle tightness, and uptight attitude. These emotions are sometimes mistaken for facts when they are really … Continue reading

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Through April New Clients Get A Discount

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Emotions and Bodywork

  We as humans can experience emotion in response to actual events or as a result of thoughts in our mind. The distinction between these sources of emotion of could not be more important. We can produce fear conceiving dreadful possibilities … Continue reading

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Ease the Symptoms of Menopause

The sudden hormonal changes that can occur in menopause result in emotional mood swings, hot flashes,  unusual pains and weird menstrual cycles.  All these symptoms are soothed by various types of massage and bodywork. Massage is the best stress reliever … Continue reading

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Treating Fibromyalgia with Massage

Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder. The muscles are unable to excrete the toxins (lactic acid) that result when the muscles burn fuel for energy. If you have this problem you would likely be sent to see a Rheumatologist for treatment … Continue reading

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I have helped people suffering migraine, and headaches resulting from tension or shoulder and neck strain.  If a migraine is just starting, sometimes massaging the upper shoulders, the neck and as much of the head as is bearable can stop … Continue reading

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Techies Beware the Mouse Attack

Any overuse of the computer mouse can lead to a painful mouse attack. Graphic Artists are particularly prone to suffer from this problem. I have had good results working out these issues. I’ve felt muscles tight like banjo strings from use … Continue reading

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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain may result from an injury that healed improperly, inflammation, Osteoporosis, MS. Fibromyalgia,  long term stress in muscles, causing over tightness, or knots aka trigger points.  But chronic pain means pain that never goes away. Chronic Pain can be … Continue reading

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Ouch Inflammation

Inflammation is just what it sounds like, hot  and painful causing irritation and swelling. Inflammation  can be  due to stress, or injury, environmental influences, allergic reaction or unknowns. The term “itis” refers to inflammation. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, … Continue reading

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