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Are We Just Following the Dots?

Sharon SketchI’ve heard this  ‘think outside the box’ quote for quite some time.  What box are they talking about?  Do they mean the habitual thinking that runs much of our lives? The beliefs that tell us who we are? Is this the box we look into to find our daily instructions for life? Pretty much these instructions are ‘what we always do,’ perhaps modified  a little over time out of necessity.  Living in said ‘box,’ our lifetime can be eaten up slowly without satisfaction. This is the reason to think outside the box… Continue Reading

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Massage and Meditation

Mental habits can generate fear, anger, and other kinds of anxiety. We have all experienced strong emotion and its effect on the body including muscle tightness, and uptight attitude. These emotions are sometimes mistaken for facts when they are really only thoughts about facts assuming they actually refer to anything outside the mind at all. These patterns can create chronic mental  states of depression and anxiety.

Massage relieves stress and you receive something wonderful from another person when they really care. The benefits  of easing tension due to overexertion, or even thinking, are many.

Hands ShoulderBodywork helps relieve self-generated angst and  even give the receiver a glimpse into meditation.  Trying to relax is a paradox.  A massage requires no effort and the mind slows down just as in meditation. It’s a real help to those who have difficulty attempting to quiet the mind in other ways.  A few quiet moments are within reach of the individual, to receive a  reprieve through regular massage.

I’m grateful I get to help others and approach peacefulness through the body.

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Through April New Clients Get A Discount

Redwood Trees in Fog

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Emotions and Bodywork

  We as humans can experience emotion in response to actual events or as a result of thoughts in our mind. The distinction between these sources of emotion of could not be more important. We can produce fear conceiving dreadful possibilities that will never happen. Consider the disappointment of our actual life being something other how it’s “supposed to be”  as if anything that happens in our life other than that ideal is inferior to the ideal. Rarely will the events of life be truly similar what we imagined.

How many of us have, while alone, imagined a fight with our beloved to find ourselves truly angry as a result. As in sleep we dream and observe emotion following dream thoughts. We can feel the whole spectrum of feeling but we see in the morning none of those things really happened. This can happen in our waking life too. One difference to be noted; the input from our senses can become props in an emotional narrative. Like the imagined struggle with someone we really care about.

Body work can give a reprieve from feelings that bring on tension regardless of whether such feelings are a result of actual events or thoughts about actual life or even about fictional events.

Bodywork involves emotional release as well as muscular tension release. Frequently memories arise with the experience of touch allowing emotions to be consciously as opposed to habitually or automatically experienced. This can break a cycle of unconscious reactivity concerning such feelings.

Letting go of unneeded mental and emotional habits helps an individual have more attention on the actual events of life.  The routines of thinking need not hold anyone in bondage to the past or the thoughts about the past.

What is going on now is more important than what happened in the past and it is far more important than anything that never happened.

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Ease the Symptoms of Menopause

The sudden hormonal changes that can occur in menopause result in emotional mood swings, hot flashes,  unusual pains and weird menstrual cycles.  All these symptoms are soothed by various types of massage and bodywork.

Massage is the best stress reliever known to mankind and it boosts the immune system and helps the body relieve the muscles by kneading them bringing blood and energy to the massaged areas and that allows deep relaxation while resting the adrenals.

The experience of bodywork and massage can favor anyone, particularly women experiencing menopause .

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Treating Fibromyalgia with Massage

Fibromyalgia is an autoimmune disorder. The muscles are unable to excrete the toxins (lactic acid) that result when the muscles burn fuel for energy. If you have this problem you would likely be sent to see a Rheumatologist for treatment options.

Massage helps many of those suffering the debilitating pain of fibromyalgia. But the type of bodywork is very important because exerting  the muscles in massage can cause them to burn more energy exaggerating the problem.

Depending on the areas and severity of an individual’s fibromyalgia I use either myofascial release, polarity,  cranial sacral or light touch.  This seems to be the best way to help those muscles let go the built up toxins without creating more. I have helped  more than a few people with this issue feel better.

Symptoms of fibromyalgia are an abundance of muscle knots (trigger points) in the affected area. Painful aches are common and even a desire to avoid touch because it hurts. Typically this is accompanied with a feeling of malaise or flu like symptoms. Diet is also an important factor in fibromyalgia treatment.  

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I have helped people suffering migraine, and headaches resulting from tension or shoulder and neck strain.  If a migraine is just starting, sometimes massaging the upper shoulders, the neck and as much of the head as is bearable can stop the progress.  Regular shoulder neck and head massage is great self care for these folks.

Headaches coming from shoulder or neck strain are often relieved by massage. Circulation is improved, and muscles release the tension that is causing the problem.

Some headache problems are beyond the scope of massage. The cause may be eye problems, flu, diet, a tooth abscess or the problem may be more serious. Anyone suffering from a persisting headache should be treated by the appropriate physician.

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Techies Beware the Mouse Attack

Any overuse of the computer mouse can lead to a painful mouse attack. Graphic Artists are particularly prone to suffer from this problem. I have had good results working out these issues.

I’ve felt muscles tight like banjo strings from use of the mouse. This can result in numbness, inflammation, stiffness, pain in the neck and loss of grip or movement.

Mousing takes a toll on the the hand, wrist, arm, shoulder, and neck of the side using the mouse.  Repetitive fast movements of the hand and wrist work and all the way up to the neck.

Having an ergonomically designed  workstation (easy body mechanics) can help but if you use a computer to make a living the mouse attack may be an ongoing problem. There is no reason to suffer if the problem can be corrected or at least improved.

Call me to set up an appointment, let’s get you some relief.

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Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain may result from an injury that healed improperly, inflammation, Osteoporosis, MS. Fibromyalgia,  long term stress in muscles, causing over tightness, or knots aka trigger points.  But chronic pain means pain that never goes away.

Chronic Pain can be managed through bodywork, and massage. Though the condition may not be cured, painful symptoms can be eliminated or reduced to give relief. Different methods address different types of  chronic pain.

I have clients who have come to me for may years to help manage their pain from MS, Fibromyalgia, arthritis  If you have a problem with chronic pain I would be very happy if I could help you achieve optimal relief.


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Ouch Inflammation

Inflammation is just what it sounds like, hot  and painful causing irritation and swelling. Inflammation  can be  due to stress, or injury, environmental influences, allergic reaction or unknowns. The term “itis” refers to inflammation. Arthritis is inflammation of the joints, tendonitis, the tendons and so on. Long term inflammation in the body can lead to cancer, especially if left untreated.  Diet and lifestyle choices can cause inflammation.

Massage and bodywork helps inflammation by stimulating circulation, relieving over stressed muscles, and tendons etc.

Myofacsial Release is helpful in releases stress tension in organs also reflexology on the feet and hands release tensions in the reflex points in the body often relieving swelling caused by inflammation.

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